Norbert Kiss storms to dominant win in race 3 on Sunday in Most

29 August 2021

The Hungarian racer took a dominant win in the first race on Sunday as he took the chequered flag 21 seconds ahead of Adam Lacko and Sascha Lenz. 

The drivers raced off as the lights went out and Norbert Kiss went straight into attack mode with pole-sitter Jochen Hahn and took over the lead in turn two. Kiss disappeared into the distance, widening the gap lap after lap. Kiss raced with an incredible pace, 2 seconds faster than anyone else on the track. He took the chequered flag 21 seconds clear of the rest of the field.

Adam Lacko had a rocket start and went up into second past Jochen Hahn. He managed to withstand the pressure from behind and secured second place in his home race.

Sascha Lenz put the pressure on Téo Calvet trying to find a way past the French driver. He eventually made his way past and started to hunt down Hahn in front of him. Within a lap he caught up and the pair got into a wheel-to-wheel battle making contact. Eventually Sascha made his way past and completed the podium in third place while Jochen Hahn had to settle for fourth.

Sixth place went to Anthony Janie, ahead of Antonio Albacete in eight and Steffi Halm in ninth.

 Yesterday’s race 2 winner André Kursim finished 11th, the same position as he started in.


Téo Calvet made it a triple as he scored his third Goodyear Cup win of the weekend. Shane Brereton took his third second-place finish of the weekend and Lukas Hahn made it onto the podium in third.

Jamie Anderson who said he is still finding his feet with the new truck finished fourth. 

Buggyra racing’s Aliyyah Koloc crossed the line in 13th overall and fifth in the Goodyear Cup followed by German racer Steffen Faas in 14th and Clemens Hecker in 15th

Rene Reinert suffered damage to his rear tyre which caused loads of smoke coming out of the back of his truck. He got shown the black and orange flag as a signal to come into the pits. Reinert limped back however his tyre didn’t hold out and caused him to spin. British racer Luke Garrett behind him only narrowly avoided contact. Reinert managed to get back into the pits and retired the truck.

Garrett too ran out of luck as he had to park his truck in the penultimate lap and couldn’t finish the race.


Watch the highlights of Race 3 HERE