Sascha Lenz takes the win in Race 4 at Most

29 August 2021

Antonio Albacete started race 4 from pole, with Shane Brereton right next to him as they went into turn 1. The Spaniard fended off the British racer and held onto the lead. 

Sascha Lenz who started from sixth on the grid moved up into third place past Téo Calvet and soon after overtook Shane Brereton to run second. He went on to catch up with Antonio Albacete and made his way past the Spaniard. Lenz drove home an unchallenged win, seven seconds clear of Albacete, who scored his first podium of the season.

Shane Brereton finished third overall and also took his third Goodyear Cup win of the season.

Téo Calvet and Adam Lacko soon got under attack from Norbert Kiss who made his way past the French driver. Adam Lacko had to fend of Kiss who put the pressure on, however the Czech racer managed to keep Kiss behind and the pair finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Calvet scored another top result in the last race of the weekend finishing sixth overall, and second in the Goodyear Cup.

Anthony Janiec couldn’t capitalise on his grid position starting from third as he crossed the finish line in seventh.

German racer Lukas Hahn finished off a successful weekend with a stellar race to secure eight place overall and a podium in the Goodyear Cup.

Jamie Anderson caught up to Steffen Faas after the start, and put the pressure on to the German. He looked for a way past, got ahead on the start finish straight but Faas fought back as they went into turn 1. Rene Reinert joined the party from behind and the three drivers battled for positions. 

Anderson eventually made his way past and took ninth as the flag fell with Faas in 11th and Reinert in 12th.

Don’t touch racing driver André Kursim took the last available points as he finished race 4in tenth position.

Luke Garrett scored his best result of the weekend, finishing sixth in the Goodyear Cup and 13th overall ahead of Aliyyah Koloc in 14th and Clemens Hecker in 15th

Jochen Hahn suffered a technical issue with his steering, which caused him to lose cooling water and forced him to retire from the race.

Steffi Halm had a tough last race of the weekend, when her IVECO S-Way lost power and had to park her truck after only a few laps.  

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