FIA ETRC and ITOY announce unique media partnership

24 June 2021

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) and the International Truck of the Year (ITOY), a non-profit organisation registered in Austria, have announced a unique media partnership to develop and highlight specific common interests.

These topics include the ETRC, which will enjoy extensive coverage in ITOY magazines and websites and on ITOY social media, and from Nürburgring onwards the direct involvement of ITOY members in a new talk show format called TruckTalk.

TruckTalk will cover race and industry-related topics, such as interviews with leading personalities, safety, new technologies, sustainability and the truck driver shortage. The talk shows, which last 15-60 minutes, will be distributed online or broadcast during each 2021 official race calendar event.

Under the agreement, ITOY members will receive exclusive media content and access to the ETRC Digital Media Hub, which hosts a comprehensive video archive supported by artificial intelligent search engines. Moreover, ITOY journalists will get exclusive behind-the-scenes access at the races, including insights into the operation of ETRC and interviews with key players.

ITOY members will connect with partners and teams to identify exclusive stories concerning the FIA ETRC's position as the leading platform for sustainable technologies.

FIA ETRC and ITOY are actively working on new and more joint projects, which will be announced in the future.

About the International Truck of the Year
The International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award was initially launched in 1977 by the British journalist and editor of Truck magazine Pat Kennett. Today, the 24 jury members represent leading commercial vehicle magazines throughout Europe. Moreover, in the last few years, ITOY has extended its sphere of influence by appointing associate members in the growing truck markets of China, India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Iran, and New Zealand. Altogether, the combined truck-operator readership of the 24 ITOY full jury members' magazines, as well as those of its eight associate members exceeds one million.