9 July 2021

Following the commitment of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship to the Paris Agreement to reach net zero by 2038, the FIA has sent a strong signal by approving the sustainability roadmap laid out by the Championship promoter ETRA.
Across its operation, ETRA has worked jointly with its shareholder and the FIA to develop and plan strategies and actions for implementation, to ensure it can meet its commitments and will work with its stakeholders such as teams, event organisers and partners and the global sports community to combat climate change.
The FIA Truck Racing Commission has now validated the objective for the FIA European Truck Racing Championship to reach net zero emission by 2038 at the latest during the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting held in Monaco on 8 July.
In accordance with the sustainability roadmap, the championship is set to develop its strategy around the following fields: environmental accreditation, evolution of the sporting format and technical transition of progressive implementation of sustainable energies to truck racing.
The transition to 100% renewable fuel in all trucks in the FIA ETRC was a first important step into a new era and proof that it is possible to take actions for lower GHG emissions with commercial vehicles on the road, which is demonstrated on the track.  
“We are very happy to have the official mandate and support of the FIA in realising our objectives to reach net zero emission by 2038 the latest,” said Georg Fuchs, managing director at ETRA. 
“In order to be able to achieve these ambitions on track, we need to further work on the right framework. We are very excited for the upcoming news to be released in the next couple of weeks and months. Of course, the FIA ETRC wants to be a role model in the road haulage industry, proactively showcasing new technologies and show that it is possible to reach net zero by 2038 the latest on and off the track."