17 June 2021

British driver Jamie Anderson raced to victory in the first Goodyear Cup race of the season, while his fellow countryman Shane Brereton, who returned to the ETRC grid in 2021, won the two remaining races on Sunday

Jamie Anderson kicked off his 2021 season with a brand new truck and a new design, that he’d been working on together with Sascha Lenz’s SL Trucksport 30 team. With not much seat time in the new truck, the British racer struggled in qualifying on Saturday. However in the race he made great progress from 11th on the grid working his way up the ranks. He made short work of German Steffen Faas to take the win in the Goodyear Cup and finished sixth overall. 

The Brit didn’t have a great Sunday, as he got disqualified from race 3 due to breaching park fermé and he didn’t make it onto the grid for race 4 due to technical issues.

Tankpool24 driver Steffen Faas scored some solid points at the weekend in Hungary, starting with a second place in the first race. After he got hit at the start of race 2, Faas suffered a brake failure and ended up in the safety barriers, but thankfully walked away unharmed, which is testimony to the high safety measures in place. The crash didn’t affect his performance on Sunday, as he finished on the podium twice and took away valuable points in the Goodyear Cup standings.

"We’ve learnt a lot last year and have changed a few things over the winter break, that we adjusted on the weekend,” said Faas. “I’m happy with where the truck is now, of course there is still a lot of fine-tuning work to do but we’re in a good place."

Shane Brereton returned to the ETRC grid after a two year break. The British racer who utterly dominated the Promoter’s cup category in 2018, where he clinched an impressive 19 class victories out of 32 races over the course of his impressive campaign, underlined that his hiatus from the ETRC hasn’t done him any harm as he won both races on Sunday and leads the overall standings. 

“The truck has really come alive today, even better than yesterday, I’m really pleased,” said Brereton after race 4. “ The guys have worked really hard and everyone has supported me very well. 

French Driver Téo Calvet came to the Hungaroring with plenty of confidence as he’d won four out of for races in the French championship the weekend before. However the track just outside of Budapest is not best suited to the Buggyra Freightliner and the French driver admittedly struggled with grip the whole weekend. He finished race 1 on the podium in third and took a second place finish in race 3 and 4 after some great battles with his fellow competitors.

Buggyra racer Aliyyah Koloc took away valuable points from the weekend in Hungary and currently sits in fourth place overall in the Goodyear Cup standings ahead of Jamie Anderson in fifth and Clemens Hecker in sixth.

Newcomer to the ETRC Tom O’Rourke had a bit of a mixed first weekend with reduced track time and clutch issues on Sunday.

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