Kiss makes it a double win as he races to victory in race 4

13 June 2021

The Hungarian driver made a clean sweep on Sunday, as he claimed victory in the last race of the weekend, ahead of Steffi Halm and Adam Lacko

Téo Calvet started the reversed-grid race from pole position and led the race into turn 1. Steffi Halm, who started the race alongside him edged ahead of the French driver and took over the race lead into turn 2. 

Calvet got under pressure from Shane Brereton, who made his way past the French driver to take the lead of the Goodyear Cup.

Norbert Kiss, who started the race from eight on the grid made up places into the first corner and was up into sixth in the second turn already. He put pressure on Adam Lacko ahead of him trying to get past and they both overtook Jochen Hahn.

Lacko and Kiss closed in on Téo Calvet and made short work of the French driver. Lacko was on a charge as he made his way past Shane Brereton, to hunt down Steffi Halm. Kiss wasn’t far off as he raced past the purple MAN of Brereton and moved up into third place.

Halfway through the race, Lacko and Kiss caught up to the IVECO driver. At the start of lap 7, Norbert Kiss made the move on the inside into turn 1 to get past Adam Lacko to move into second. The battle between MAN and IVECO was well and truly on!

Kiss got close to Halm, patiently waiting for his opportunity. At the start of lap 8 Kiss overtook Halm into turn 1 and drove home his second win of the day.

“It was great,” said Kiss when he climbed out of his red MAN with the crowd cheering. “At the start my only aim was to overtake Sascha, and I could see that I was much faster than the others. I knew I needed patience and I waited for my opportunity to overtake Steffi. It was fun driving and I’m happy to finish first!”

Lacko was keen to get past Halm into second and the pair got into a tight battle. The two trucks made contact, which resulted in Adam Lacko losing parts of his front bodywork. Steffi defended her position and beat Lacko to the flag to secure her first podium of the season.

“It was very difficult to hold onto second place, as Adam was much faster,” said Halm. “I tried to defend my position, a little bit of pushing is normal in truck racing. Adam is always very fair and it’s been a great battle. 

We know we have a lot of work to do for the next race weekend, but this podium gives everyone a push, to keep fighting and to get our truck even quicker.”

Shane Brereton underlined that his hiatus from the ETRC hasn’t done him any harm, as he finished fourth in the overall classification and claimed another win in the Goodyear Cup this afternoon, ahead of Téo Calvet and Steffen Faas.