25 September 2021

Starting fifth on reverse grid, Norbert Kiss had a spectacular drive in the rain to take his seventh victory of the season. 

The rain fell heavily on the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit ahead of the second race of the weekend, meaning that the first two laps of the 11 lap race were conducted under full course yellows. Steffen Faas led the way, having a couple of wide moments through the first two laps, but, thanks to the full course caution, could not be overtaken. 

Unfortunately for the front-starting GOODYEAR Cup drivers, the moment the track went green, the Titan drivers carved through the field, putting Adam Lacko ahead of the fighting Kiss and Sascha Lenz. Lacko led most of the race until Kiss began to pull him back in to fight at the end of the race for the top step of the podium.

It was a tight battle for the two in the closing stages of the race, but a clever move from Kiss saw Lacko moved to the outside on the wet track. Not getting as much traction as Kiss, the Hungarian driver managed to just pull ahead, securing his seventh race victory. The podium was filled with championship competitors, as Lacko and Lenz also took silverware home. 

Jochen Hahn made it a championship rivals first, second, third and fourth securing some good points to follow his win from earlier this afternoon. He finished ahead of GOODYEAR Cup race winner Jamie Andersen, who had another tight race with Kiss defending for position.

Pole sitter Faas finished second in the GOODYEAR Cup, sixth overall, with third-placed GOODYEAR Cup driver Shane Brereton finishing just behind in overall seventh. 

Antonio Albacete, André Kursim and Luke Garrett completed the top ten, the second top-ten finish overall for the British driver this weekend.

After not competing in the race or qualifying earlier, René Reinert managed to make it to the track for the rain-soaked race. He finished 12th behind Steffi Halm and in front of Luis Recuenco and Heinrich Hecker. 

Racing at the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit continues tomorrow as the trucks take to the track for the next two rounds of the championship. 

Full results of today's racing can be found HERE