28 August 2021

In a dramatic last lap, Kiss overtook race leader Andre Kursim and crossed the finish line ahead of the German. However the Hungarian driver was handed a 10-second penalty after the race for pushing another driver, which put him back into third place.

Téo Calvet who started from pole, didn’t get the best getaway as he spun his rear tyres on the wet side of the track, which made way for André Kursim, who took over the lead into the second turn.

Kiss who started from ninth, didn’t waste any time picking up the drivers ahead of him and put the pressure on Steffi Halm in fourth. He made his way past and onto Anthony Janiec, with the pair making contact. Janiec fiercely fought off the Hungarian but couldn’t hold him off as Kiss eventually made the move past the Frenchman. 

Next up was Téo Calvet, who he made short work of to hunt down Kursim. The Don’t Touch Racing driver managed to stay ahead for several laps, with Kiss using every inch of the track to find his way through. Kursim did a great job at holding him off but in the penultimate lap, the Hungarian wrestled his way past making contact with Kursim to take the chequered lap first. 

The stewards looked into the incident after the race and handed Kiss a 10-second penalty which saw him drop back into third, handing the win to André Kursim.

Anthony Janiec secured a strong fourth place and Team Schwabentrucks Steffi Halm recorded her second fifth-place finish of the day.

Antonio Albacete secured a sixth-place finish, spending most of the race to keep the hard-charging MAN of Sascha Lenz at bay.

Lenz started the reversed-race grid from seventh and got past Adam Lacko in front of him after the start. He tried hard to find a way past the Spaniard but had to settle for seventh when he crossed the finish line. 

Rene Reinert, who started from 10th on the grid, made up a place and moved into ninth. However when a charging Jochen Hahn, who started from the back of the grid, caught up to him, the pair made contact and Reinert dropped back into 14th with Hahn finishing tenth overall. 

Steffen Faas, who also started from the back of the grid after retiring from race 1, took the chequered flag in 13th.


After Norbert Kiss’ post-race penalty, Téo Calvet subsequently moved up into second, his best FIA ETRC overall result to date, and also secured win number two of the weekend in the Goodyear Cup.

British Racer Shane Brereton took home another solid second place and Jamie Anderson completed the Goodyear Cup podium in third. 

Race-by-race entrant Lukas Hahn secured his second fourth-place finish of the day, ahead of Clemens Hecker in 15th and Aliyyah Koloc in 16th. 

Several drivers got hit with warnings for track limits and touching penalty markers. Luke Garrett had to serve a drive through penalty, after repeatedly touching penalty markers and got hit with another penalty for crossing the white line after exiting the pits, and finished the race in 17th.


Watch the highlights of Race 2 HERE