Energy Transition - Equalisation of Technologies

1 October 2021

A group of specialists from the FIA Technical Department has been working on the energy transformation process for a long time and, in addition to other motorsports such as Formula E and  WEC, also actively supports the Goodyear FIA ETRC in this area.

During the race in Le Mans in 2021, a delegation of a FIA experts collectected essential data and specific information. The aim is to be technically prepared to welcome any technology and energy form, powered by synthetic fuel, hydrogen or battery electric, on the same grid soon.

To guarantee a fair, technology-open competition, technology-equalising measures are necessary - this requires a so called EQT (Equalisation of Technologies).

The FIA experts are also working on ensuring sufficient energy availability at the race tracks in order to be able to supply hydrogen and, above all, battery-electric vehicles sufficiently and quickly in the future.