21 October 2021

Shane Brereton secured the title in the 2021 Goodyear Cup last weekend at Misano, which is his second category win after clinching the title in 2018.

It wasn’t an entirely clean run though for the newly crowned Champion, as rival Téo Calvet put up a spectacular fight to finish second overall and secure maximum points in the Goodyear Cup in race 2 on Saturday, with Brereton finishing third.

However the Brit was still 27 points clear and only needed a clean run in race 3 to secure the title. 
While the rest of the grid was fighting hard around him in the first race on Sunday, Brereton kept his head down and stayed out of trouble to finished second on the Goodyear Cup Podium and become the category winner of 2021.

His championship battle was decided by lap three, as Téo Calvet was victim to a first lap incident and was forced to retire. Even if Brereton hadn’t finished the race, his lead was still 27 points over Calvet and impossible to close with one race remaining. 

“I had a cracking start, managed to stay out of trouble and was in clean air. It’s a shame Téo had to retire but I’m obviously really pleased to win the title,” said an emotional Shane Brereton afterwards. “The team has done a fantastic job all year and everyone deserves it.” 

Whilst he couldn’t turn around the title fight in the last round of the 2021 season anymore, Téo Calvet once again showed a great racing performance, not only in the Goodyear Cup class, but also in the overall category. 

The second race at Misano was a brilliant drive from Calvet, who found himself defending from Jochen Hahn, Norbert Kiss, Sascha Lenz and Adam Lacko (the four top championship contenders) throughout the 12 laps of racing. To only have lost out to Hahn by the chequered flag showed excellent skill, speed and race craft from the Frenchman.

The Buggyra racer, who also won the French Truck Racing Championship this season, scored a total of 11 wins in the Goodyear Cup, finished eighth in the overall standings, taking his first overall win at Jarama, and takes plenty away from his first full season of racing in the FIA ETRC.

Steffen Faas finished the season with two podiums at Misano and third in the standings. The German driver had a bit of an up and down season but showed that on a good day he’s up there as a contender for the top spot.

British driver Jamie Anderson scored two second places in the final round of the 2021 championship, finishing his campaign in fourth place overall. It hasn’t been plain sailing for Anderson, who went into the season with a brand new truck and a new design, but he has shown that his new set up has plenty of potential, scoring a win at the season opening event in Hungary and another one at Le Mans.

Whilst it wasn’t the ideal way to finish the season, with a DNF in the last race, Aliyyah Koloc has made steady progress in her first full season of racing in the FIA ETRC. The Buggyra racer finished fifth in the Goodyear Cup with a podium finish to her name at the penultimate round at Jarama. 

The star of the weekend in the Goodyear Cup at Misano was without a doubt Lukas Hahn.
The German impressed with some great racing as he took 2 wins and a podium in the last round of the 2021 season to finish seventh in the Goodyear Cup standings.

Final Goodyear Cup standings can be found HERE