12 October 2021

The European Truck Racing Association (ETRA) has become a signatory to the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, to help implement the Paris Agreement and to accelerate the transformative change needed to reach greenhouse gas emission neutrality by 2050 at the latest.
ETRA has extended its commitment by signing up to the Race to Zero campaign, which pledges to reach net zero in the 2040s or sooner.

In 2020 ETRA included sustainability as one of the three strategic pillars of the FIA ETRC and with the introduction of HVO biofuel, a 100% renewable fuel this season, a huge step has already been made forward in the efforts for environmental and climate protection.

“We know that our sport has an impact on climate change and we have an obligation to reduce our carbon footprint in our operations to achieve climate neutrality,” said ETRA managing director Georg Fuchs. “We are supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement and are committing to take positive action for sustainability.”

The UN Sports for Climate Action Framework has two overarching objectives:

* Achieving a clear trajectory for the global sports community to actively combat climate change, through commitments and partnerships in congress with verified standards, including measuring, reducing, and reporting greenhouse gas emissions in line with well below 2 degree scenario as set out in the Paris Agreement;
* Using sports as a unifying tool to drive climate awareness and action among global citizens.

ETRA has developed short to medium-term strategies for implementation across its operation, including an interim target to achieve in the next decade, which reflects a fair share of the 50% global reduction in CO2 by 2030, to ensure it can meet its commitments and work with the global sports community to combat climate change.