28 September 2021

The Goodyear Cup title fight took a turn on the weekend at Le Mans, as the front runners capitalised on Téo Calvet being absent from the competition, to close in on the title battle

British racer Shane Brereton had a stellar weekend at the Bugatti circuit with 3 victories and a podium, taking over the lead in the Goodyear Cup with a 35-point gap to second placed Téo Calvet, who won the title in the French Truck Racing Championship.

Brereton treated the fans to some great racing, particularly in race 3, where he got a great move on René Reinert in the closing stages of the race, which set him up for a light-to-flag win in race 4. The Brit also took second overall in that race and reckons, he could have fought for the win, had brake issue not hindered his charge.

“I made a mistake in the last race, as I hadn’t put the water on quick enough,” said Brereton. “We had to fit new back brakes, hence I made a mistake and locked up at the start. As soon as I had done a couple of laps the brakes were fantastic. A little error that cost me the [overall] win.

I’m still very very pleased about what we have done, fantastic job by the whole team.”

Brereton knows though that it’s not over until it’s over in the battle for Goodyear Cup glory: “We have a head start but we still have to fight it out. Téo is a phenomenal driver and he won’t give up.”

Tankpool24 racer Steffen Faas put himself firmly in the mix for the Goodyear Cup title, bagging four podium finishes and moving into third place in the standings, 20 points behind second placed Calvet.

British driver Jamie Anderson celebrated his second Goodyear Cup win of the season, after a sensational drive in the reversed grid race on Saturday saw him win a fight with Steffen Faas.

Anderson wasn’t as successful on Sunday though, when his race 3 came to an early halt, as he was shown the black flag for repeated overspeeding, caused by issues with software.

“We had a problem with smoke during qualifying and got told to change the ECU, which we did,” said Anderson “We then did two outlaps before the race to program the ECU. At Le Mans where the grandstands are we lose the GPS signal and it has to flip into the secondary source system to add the correction. But before we knew it, it was too late and caused a problem. You have about half a second to notice that it’s going to overspeed, and when you’re in the middle of a race, that’s not a lot of time to react. That’s racing, we have to put this behind us and fight from the back.” 

After a mixed weekend in Zolder, Clemens Hecker had a good run at Le Mans, taking 24 points from four race finishes into the next round in Spain.

Luke Garrett took home 34 points at Le Mans, as he finished within the top ten overall twice and now sits in seventh in the standings.

In his second race weekend outing of the season, Spanish driver Luis Recuenco returned to the podium as he finished third in the third race. 


The action continues this weekend as the ETRC returns to Jarama for round seven of the 2021 season.