25 September 2021

Norbert Kiss took pole position at Le Mans, but after a post-session three place grid drop, Jochen Hahn will lead the grid away for the first race of the weekend. 

The threat of rain hovered over the track throughout the 20-minute qualifying session, but the clouds never broke, and the circuit remained dry. Kiss led the way throughout the on-track session, holding half a second advantage over the rest of the grid. However, a post-session penalty for causing a collision with Sascha Lenz has dropped Kiss three places, meaning he will now start from fourth. 

Hahn took advantage of the penalty to take pole position for the first race of the weekend.  

The fight between Hahn and Antonio Albacete for what was second on the grid, but changed to pole position after the session was incredibly close. Albacete went for a tactical play, removing water from his truck to save on weight, but it still wasn’t enough to beat Hahn, finishing under a tenth behind.

Kiss’ championship rival Sascha Lenz will start third on the grid, ahead of Zolder superstar Adam Lacko. Steffen Faas took the GOODYEAR Cup pole position, starting sixth overall with André Kursim splitting him from second-place GOODYEAR Cup starter Shane Brereton. 

The top ten was rounded off by Stephanie Halm and Jamie Anderson. 

Full qualifying results HERE