Time to get Trucking Technical

12 February 2016

Check up on the technical attributes of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship monsters!

There is no doubt that the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) vehicles are the heavyweight champions of the motorsport world, weighing in at around 5,300kg - about 5 times the amount of a standard road car.
These beasts also boast a massive roar thanks to a 1,200bhp engine with a torque of 5,500Nm, which can power the trucks from 30 – 160km/h in just 6 seconds. The engine must not produce visible smoke or exhaust emissions while the vehicle is on the track.

Tech Spec:

Engine Capacity: maximum 13.000cc
Supercharger: 1 turbo
Power: HP 1200 average.
The power of a racing engine is 2 to 2.5 times that of a series motor.
Torque: Nm 5500 average.
Max RPM: 3000 r / min
The average consumption of a truck is 100 liters of diesel (bio diesel) per 100 km.

Performance acceleration:
0-100 Km / h: 5 seconds;
30-160 Km / h: 7 seconds, equivalent to that of a Porsche 911 GT3.
Top speed: 160 km / h. (imposed by regulation)
It is one thing to get these monsters started, but quite another to get them to stop.

Very powerful braking systems ensure they have adequate stopping power for a variety of corner.

Ventilated disc brakes at front and rear.
The braking system is compressed air, the pressure of which does not exceed 12 bar.
Brake cooling is done by spraying water and ducted air to avoid overheating of the brakes. The water tanks to cool the brakes can hold 200 liters.
The anti-lock system or any other assistance systems and the traction control are prohibited.
Braking safety system:
All trucks must have a "four circuit" protection valve. A double circuit operated by the same pedal, must normally control all the wheels. In case of leakage anywhere in the brake system piping or any kind of failure of the brake transmission system the pedal must control at least two wheels.
The FIA ETRC is open to series production two-axle road tractor units, which are as technically sophisticated as many sports car and touring car championship vehicles.