25 January 2016

The thunderous FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) already attracts more than 450,000 event attendees a year.

The thunderous FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) already attracts more than 450,000 event attendees a year. However, the appointment of new series promotor ETRA Promotion GmbH by the FIA World Motorsport Council for the next five years, is sure to begin a thrilling new chapter in the story of this championship.

ETRA Promotion will be responsible for the promotion and management of the series with a vision to:

  • Increase the number of competitors
  • Proactively contribute at FIA to an appealing sporting format and optimised technical regulations of the championship
  • Develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with the teams
  • Increase media exposure across TV, social, viral and print by spreading the word about what a fantastic spectacle the FIA ETRC is
  • Promote the championship to new and existing fans to encourage them to follow the whole championship
  • Attract new sponsors into the series who are looking to align themselves with this bold and strong series, which is so popular with its fans.
The original ETRA was formed on the 23 September 2014 and is based on 30 years of experience in the organisation of truck racing events.  ETRA Promotion was then founded on 1st August 2015 and went on to be chosen as the FIA’s preferred option to manage and promote the FIA ETRC utilizing team members with experience from across the breadth of motorsport organisation, marketing and PR.
The FIA ETRC events, promotion and website reflect the unique blend of awesome racing; an open and friendly paddock; great entertainment and an excellent platform for the whole industry.
Q&A: What is ETRA’s vision for the ETRC in 2016?
On 10th July 2015 the European Truck Racing Association was granted the role as Promoter of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship, one of the best spectator attended series in all motorsport.

After its appointment by the FIA World Motor Sport Council and validation by the FIA Senate, ETRA Promotion GmbH was founded by the ADAC Mittelrheine.V. for the purpose of managing the championship.

The vision of ETRA is to enhance the championship and secure a healthy and progressive strategy to ensure it stays as one of the most popular spectator motorsports.

Additionally ETRA wishes to increase the media exposure of truck racing to build on its foundations and to appeal to more people so that it can grow in a sporting and commercial way. This will be done in a step by step process, focusing on fan engagement which in turn will capture greater commercial awareness and opportunity for the teams.
How does ETRA work with the FIA?
ETRA was chosen by the WMSC and FIA Senate and acts as the organiser and promoter of the championship.

The Championship is sanctioned and enabled to compete by the FIA. The regulations and calendar are all ratified by the FIA.

ETRA will work with the FIA in the same procedures that all FIA Championships adhere to. ETRA keeps that FIA informed in all its decisions, particularly its five year road map which includes Sporting, Organisational, Commercial and Marketing matters.
Do you see ETRC as a growth area of the sport, and why?
ETRA does see lots of opportunity for growth in the FIA ETRC going forward. It has identified several key areas such as fan engagement, new media, social-networking and consumer partnerships.

These will be carried out over the five year plan to ensure a step-by-step process in establishing further awareness of ETRC across Europe.

ETRA believes that the strong foundations laid by teams and circuits that have embraced FIA ETRC in the past should be used to trigger additional opportunities to market truck racing and cater for the significant demand the sport has. The aim is to achieve this for fans and consumers, which in turn will benefit the teams and suppliers in the championship through creative media/marketing opportunities and activations.
Will there be an evolution or revolution in ETRC in 2016?
It is very much a progressive evolution. ETRA has no intention of changing any of the key structural aspects of ETRC either in sporting or technical terms. In any case it cannot do this, as the only entity able to achieve this is the FIA. ETRA does not have any plans to change what is a successful and popular branch of motorsport.

As an example ETRA is looking at potentially running a Challengers Cup for race-by-race entrants but this is not yet fully decided and will only be done with after close consultation with the teams and FIA.
Also, there are no plans at all for ETRA to bring back the Super Race trucks. This will not happen at all.
ETRA has built a team over the last 12 months which has a strong emphasis on experienced motorsport professionals who have an advanced outlook on how to further the FIA ETRC in a variety of key areas, but at the same time remaining true to its core values.
This Q&A was provided by ETRA