ETRC TRUCK TALK VIDEO: pandemic, truck driver shortage and sustainability in the logistics industry

25 February 2022

Truck racing drivers and logistics business owners René Reinert, Clemens Hecker and Sven Walter discuss the challenges for the industry during the pandemic, the shortage of truck drivers and the effect it has on businesses as well as the road to sustainability

During the pandemic, the logistics industry has become one of the most important sectors in supplying everyday goods as well as medical supplies.

It also underlined just how important truck drivers are in everyone’s lives for the supply of goods and highlighted, that the shortage of truck drivers has been a big issue across Europe for many years.

“The competition for drivers has become very intense,” said Sven Walter. “We need to improve the framework conditions for the drivers. The sector has a poor image, drivers are faced with worsening conditions and the industry is under increasing pressure to attract new workforce.”

The panel also discusses the effects of the Paris agreement on the commercial vehicle industry, their view on sustainable technologies and the legal framework from the government.

The interview is available in German with English, French and Italian subtitles.

Watch the interview here